Where Does Science Fit into the Elementary Levels?

Where Does Science Fit into the Elementary Levels?

A common issue that many elementary curriculum directors and principals are dealing with right now is how do I fit Science into my Elementary schedule?  There are so many demands on Elementary teachers’ schedules with Math and Literacy taking precedent.

The one fact is, that it is NOT an option to forgo science until later years.  Iowa adopted Science Standards based on NGSS.  Within these standards there are grade specific standards.  Each grade is responsible for a specific set of performance expectations.

When determining if it is best to teach science integrated into the content areas or having a dedicated time for science, the quick answer is – Yes!  Both should be happening, integration into the content areas AND dedicated time set aside for science.

The National Science Teacher’s Association has developed a position statement that was adopted in 2012.  A link to this statement is included and here are the highlights:

  1. …inquiry science must be a basic in the daily curriculum of every elementary school student at every grade level.
  2. Elementary school students learn science best when—mathematics and communication skills are an integral part of science instruction.
  3. Elementary school students value science best when—other subject areas are infused into science.

To read the entire position statement, please click on the link below.


The AEA 267 Science team also recognizes that there may be a need for educators, especially elementary teachers, to increase their content knowledge in area of science.  As a team, we are piloting a course (Mastering Elementary Science Content for the Next Generation Standards) this summer specifically to address this need.   We are continuing to exploring additional opportunities for support your elementary educators as they implement the Iowa Science Standards.

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact one of AEA 267’s Science Consultants kschmalen@aea267.k12.ia.us, or asanderman@aea267.k12.ia.us

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