Career and Technical Education Legislation (HF 648) Amendment re: RPP Funding Process

The Department of Education would like to inform you that the Career and Technical Education (CTE) legislation, House File 648, which had intended to shift the Regional Planning Partnership (RPP) funding from a reimbursement to a disbursement process and have the option of having funds roll over from one year to the next, did not become law.  As a result, the status quo holds; state CTE funds will continue to be distributed through a reimbursement process and are to be expended within a given fiscal year – there is no carry forward provision. Though the legislation did not pass, the General Assembly may take up the bill from where it was left during the next legislative session.

The end of the fiscal year is fast approaching and, therefore, the Department is working with individual RPPs to provide flexibility in how funds will be expended this fiscal year without violating the intent of the secondary CTE law. The Department had requested that the requisite documents for the establishment of the RPP be completed by April 30, 2017. The Department strongly recommends that the RPP establishment formalities be completed as soon as possible. 

Disbursing funds to the RPPs cannot occur until the RPP has been officially approved by the Department. All required documents should be uploaded by the RPP through the Iowa Grants website ( Please refer to the guidance for using the Iowa Grants website available on the Department’s website

If you have additional questions, please contact Pradeep Kotamraju, Ph.D., Chief, Bureau of CTE, via email at or call 515/281-4716 (Office) or 515/314-7852 (Cell). 

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